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Land Development

Astra Info Systems provides design support services in the fields of Land Development for customers who are executing residential land development projects, we offer complete design services starting from generation of all construction documents to even lot design. Our services fitment depends upon the client process of project execution.

Land Development operational areas:

  • Residential land development

  • Commercial land development

  • Plot Plan

  • 3D Layout

Services offered by us :

  • Grading Plan

  • Precise Grading Plan

  • Paving Plan & Profile

  • Sanitary Plan & Profile

  • Storm Plan & Profile

  • Water Plan & Profile

  • Final Plat


Planning and engineering services, with a qualified staff of professional highway & traffic engineers and transportation & municipal planners - all highly experienced in a wide variety of transportation and environmental studies and designs - to help clients meet these challenges through a full range of proven transportation engineering solutions.

Planning & Design services in Transportation :
  • Survey Maps, Strip Plan and Existing Surface Profile

  • Digital Terrain Modeling

  • Alignment Design

  • Intersection Design

  • Pavement Design and Quantities

  • Drainage Design

Public Works

Astra Info Systems provides design support services in Public Works. We offer complete design services starting from creation of “BASESHEETS”. Essentially a basesheet is a P&P sheet with all the existing topographical features (natural & man-made) and utilities shown in both plan & profile views. The topography has been mostly “raw land” and they have very few underground utilities to design around or existing above ground entities that constrained design.
Structural Design

Structural Projects can be broadly divided into three categories :
  • Preliminary Drawings – showings basic dimensions, key plan, grid plan etc.
  • Detail Analysis and Design – Input and output files from software.
  • Detail Drawings – showings dimension details, reinforcement details, structural details of particular structural members.
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