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Astra Info Systems provides design & detailing services in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing for customers who are executing engineering projects. We offer complete design services starting from generation of all construction documents to even lot design. Our services fitment depends upon the client process of project execution.

MEP Engineering operational areas include :


HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning)

    Design and drafting services for HVAC system construction plan drawings
    Demolition and existing plan drawings
    Duct sizing and design layout plan drawings
    Equipment piping sizing and design layout plan drawings
    Design development and construction plan drawings
    Details, schematics, schedules, legends and control diagrams
    Mechanical equipment layouts, submittals and elevation drawings
    As-builts, specifications, coordination drawings, shop drawings & addendums
  Plumbing & Fire Protection
    Drafting service for domestic water plumbing system construction plan drawings
    Natural and LP gas piping, compressed air & medical gas system plan drawings
    Demolition and existing plan drawings
    Design development and construction plan drawings
    Riser diagrams, isometrics, details, schematics and schedules
    Legends and addendums
    As-builts, specifications, coordination and shop drawings
    Fire protection and sprinkler plans
    Fire protection details, schematics and diagrams
  Mechanical fabrication
    Precisely scaled and dimensioned mechanical component fabrication drawings
    Mechanical engineering and mechanical design drawings
    Mechanical equipment layouts and product installation drawings
    Casting, machining, welding and assembly drawings for the machine shop
    Mechanical schematics, sections and detailing
    Mechanical submittal packages
    Shop drawings
    Parts lists
  Structural Steel Detailing
    Structural steel drafting and detailing services for steel fabrication drawings
    Shop and fabrication drawings completed to your specifications and standards
    Structural steel detailing for general arrangement and connection drawings
    Steelwork drafting and detailing for miscellaneous fabricated structures
    Steelwork drafting and detailing for temporary works projects
    Drafting of structural steel erection and sequence drawings
    Drafting of schematic diagrams for any structural project
  Electrical Engineering
    Electrical CAD Drafting
    Paper to cad conversion
    Circuit diagrams creation
    Electrical layout design and detailing
    Electrical panel schedules
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